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Are you Trying to Source Reliable Loft Steel?

If you have been searching for a company that is capable of carrying out the fabrication, supply and installation of loft steel, then look no further than Barzel Steel. Since 2012 Barzel Steel has been producing high quality steel creations for commercial and domestic clients, with skill and passion. We listen closely to our clients specifications in order to create completely bespoke steel solutions. You can be sure that we have the knowledge and experience to produce strong and solid steel works for your project. We have a friendly and approachable manner that makes working with us simple and effective. 

Source Reliable Loft Steel

At Barzel steel, it is not just about providing our clients with first class loft steel, but we also want you to be able to have an easy, hasslefree and smooth process with us. With our first-cass communication skills we are able to create a product that meets your specifications precisely, and we will also be able to keep you well-informed throughout the process, answer any questions, and overall make sure that you are satisfied with everything that happens. 

We have the ability to work on your project from design to installation, no matter the size, as seen by the variation of projects in our gallery. When you choose us to provide you with loft steel, we will listen to you in depth about the requirements of your project, and conduct a site survey, so that we can produce accurate engineering sketches. Once the design has been finalised and agreed upon, our fully qualified and trained team will begin production. 

You can be sure that the loft steel we supply you with will be top quality, as evidenced by its CE mark. Being CE marked means that the product has been inspected with diligence during our quality control checks, and has met all necessary EU requirements and legislation. Our team will then be able to assemble your loft steel into the structure it needs to be in. With our crane service and industry equipment you can be sure that the structure will be fitted together correctly and securely, and all safety regulations will have been taken into careful consideration.  

What other Services do we Offer? 

As well as providing loft steel, our structural steel services also extend to working on new builds and and extensions, providing a secure foundation and structure for the building works. However, we are also able to help our clients with architectural steel orders for example, balconies, gates, fire stairs and railings. These products are also bespoke, and provide a functional purpose and can also be aesthetically pleasing. All steelwork is designed, produced and installed with commitment, pride and determination to give our clients full satisfaction with their final product. 

Want to Find out More? 

If you would like Barzel Steel to provide you with high quality loft steel, then get in touch with us today. You will be able to reach our team by calling 0208 447 6747 or by sending an email to We can answer your questions and expand on any details you require before you make your final decision.   

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