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Fire Stairs

Fire Stairs For Life!

Many landlords are looking to upgrade their properties to be fire safe; one of the strongest precautions is to install a fire staircase, especially larger buildings containing multiple floors. At Barzel Steel we have taken this matter into our hands and supplied and fitted many staircases throughout the uk especially in London. So weather you...
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Steel’ing The Show

           Its not the typical everyday kind of work we do, but its lovely to see how people come up with unique creative ideas, so last week we had a client come in and ask us to fabricate, what looked to us as a weird shaped stand, as always we executed...
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Structural Steel Services In London And Surrounding Areas

        Knowing that structural steel is one of the most commonly used materials for creating structural support in buildings. We have tailored the best solutions to suit your needs we stock a vast variety of steel beams and we are located in north London which has many new developments. This is particularly...
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A happy new year at Barzel Steel Ltd

Ending 2017 with a record of successful projects we look forward expanding our services into 2018 providing our existing and future customers, with our best customer service, so if your plans are big for 2018 let's make it even bigger, planning to build a new project? Ask us about our full range of services that will make your life so much easier and hassle free. Planning to redecorate? Modern designed interior railings are hot these days and we got some new designes too so whatever your thinking think barzel

Happy 2018!