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Searching for Durable, High Quality Steel Beams?

If you’re looking for high quality steel beams, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Barzel Steel, we have been producing high quality steel for almost a decade, becoming one of the most reliable producers of steel beams in London. Steel is the foundation of so many building projects across the country because of its superior quality and finish. No matter what you’re planning on using steel beams for, make sure that its the best available quality, with Barzel Steel.

Why Choose Steel Beams?




Steel beams are ideal for building projects because the availability of the raw alloy makes it easy for us to produce mass amounts of it. We can create all quality fabricated steel beams that are designed to stand up to the toughest treatment, and we can create enough of them for any building project that you’re planning. Our reliability and availability is part of what makes us a great choice because you will never be caught out or find yourself without the necessary parts.




One of the great things about steel is that it is really light and easy to transport over land and lift on a crane, which is ideal for any building project. This also means that buildings are easier to take down, so if you’re planning on having a temporary, but reliable structure, steel is the perfect choice for your structure. 


Despite its lightweight nature though, our steel beams remain strong, ideal for any structure. It has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio, which means that it can hold up roofs and walls of structures of almost any size without concern. Steel is ideal for almost any project, and there’s no better provider than Barzel Steel.




There isn’t a single industry that can escape the importance of making better practices that will benefit the environment and create a more sustainable future. Building works are not immune to this and when it comes down to it, steel is the ideal choice for everyone that is involved. Steel beams are so convenient in this sense because they are easy to recycle and don’t ever really need to be permanently disposed of, they can just be melted down and used again. 


Around 97.5% of all steel from demolition sites in the UK are recovered and reused, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the industry. Choosing steel beams for your next building project will do more than just benefit your building, but it will also greatly benefit the needs of the environment, limiting your carbon footprint and ensuring that we don’t need to keep digging up new materials for building work. 


Would you Like More Information on Steel Beams?


If you’re looking for steel beams for your next building project then don’t cut back on quality, work with Barzel Steel to make sure that you find exactly what you need. For more information about our work or to discuss your first order with us, you can contact us directly either by phone 0208 447 6747 or by email

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