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Do you Require Steel Fabrication in North London?

Are you in need of either structural or architectural steel fabrication in North London? If so Barzel Steel is the ideal company for you. Our highly trained team are adept at producing durable and quality steel projects for commercial and domestic clients. Our skill and experience, as well as our factory allows us to carry out your job from design to installation completion, and every step of the way we put our passion into the job. 

We began our journey by creating gates and railings in a garage in 2012, and now we have our own workshop and factory and are carrying out big construction jobs. You can see just how much we have progressed in a relatively short time, and if you would like visual proof of what we are capable of, take a look at our gallery.

Fabrication in North London

Barzel Steel is able to produce projects of both structural and architectural steel fabrication in North London. Our structural steel projects can include things such as roofing steel work, extensions and new builds, whereas our architectural steel fabrication in North London pertains to things such as gates, railings, fire stairs and balconies. We will take site surveys, allowing us to inspect the extent of the job and the location in order to produce an accurate design. 

For any services you require of us, we are able to work with you throughout the whole process. We will have in depth conversations to fully comprehend every aspect that your job requires, right down to the smallest details. We can use our expert knowledge to put together a design that incorporates everything you need, in order to bring the vision you have in your mind to life, in the best possible way. Our designs are high quality engineering drawings so you can be sure that our detail and accuracy are to an expert level.

Our fully trained engineers will then carry out the process of steel fabrication in North London, ensuring nothing but high quality materials for you. And in order to make sure that you receive the best, our products undergo intensive quality control and as such we are CE marked. This means that our products successfully meet EU legislation and regulations concerning health, environment and safety. 

We have our own factory, where we can carry out our steel fabrication in North London, which means that we are able to keep an eye on the fabricating process. Our equipment, including cranes, is all state of the art and our engineers are fully trained on how to use them and the safety measures associated with them, that allows them to protect the product and themselves. 

Are you Interested in Finding out More?

If we sound like the ideal company to carry out your steel fabrication in North London, then we would love to hear from you. You can either call us on 020 8447 6747 or send an email to, to notify us of your interest. We are happy to answer any questions, provide more information and to begin the hiring process. 

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