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Steel Fabrication Services in Enfield

Do you require steel fabrication services in Enfield? Then Barzel Steel is the company you need to get in touch with, as we can deliver incredible design, manufacturing and installation services that are unlike any other. We specialise in combining modern techniques with unique tendencies in order to create innovative and distinctive fabrications that perfectly reflect our client’s visions. All of our projects will be carried out with the utmost professionalism that can help you to obtain sturdy structures that are guaranteed to exceed all expectations. If you would like to learn more about the services, we would be happy to assist you, and answer any questions you may have. 

Why us for Your Steel Fabrication Services in Enfield?

Here at Barzel Steel, we aim to deliver exceptional fabrications for each client that comes our way, with cost-effective prices and no compromise on quality. For those in need of steel fabrication services in Enfield, you will be happy to know that we can undertake bespoke products for both commercial and domestic purposes. All of our services will be carried out by a team of skilled and qualified professionals who have a wealth of experience in the industry. By utilising our knowledge, we can provide you with expert advice and guidance that will help you to get the most out of your steel fabrications, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in capable hands. 

When it comes to steel fabrication services in Enfield, we can handle every aspect of the design, manufacturing and installation process, with top-of-the-range equipment and methods that have proven to be effective for steel structures and framework. No matter whether you are in need of an extension, new build or more, we can handle it all with minimal stress and precise finishes that maximise safety and security. We will firstly provide you with an initial consultation in which we can discuss your requests and establish what you are hoping to achieve with your fabrications. From here, we will then carry out site surveys with the necessary risk assessments to ensure that our processes are completed safely and that we have the right solutions in place if any issues were to occur during the project. 

During this phase of your project, we will also provide you with ‘to scale’ engineering drawings and if necessary, we can offer crane services and start putting your steel erectors and site fittings in place. This will help us to deliver construction and installations to a professional quality, ensuring that you are receiving an exert service that you can count on. 


As a leading provider of steel fabrication services in Enfield, we always put great care and detail into every project we undertake. We have our own factory in which we manufacture our steel with rigorous quality control that is guaranteed to supply you the ideal steel solutions that you require for your buildings. You will also be happy to know that we are a fully accredited team, that can ensure that each project is carried out to the highest standards possible, so you can be confident in knowing that you are investing in a worthwhile service that is sure to impress. 


So, if you are interested in our steel fabrication services in Enfield, feel free to call us on 020 8447 6747 and we will be more than happy to help with anything you may need. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at and our customer service team will be in touch shortly to answer your questions and provide you with any further information that you require. 

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