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What is Steel Fabrication?

Are you wondering about steel fabrication? Are you unsure what exactly steel fabrication is and how it could benefit your project? Then we at Barzel Steel are the people to turn to. A quality steel fabrication company, we’re committed to providing exceptional steel to building sites all across London. We know how important it is to have a strong base and foundation for any building and our steel is the perfect material for that. 

We can create exceptional, bespoke steel fabrications for you that are perfect for the project that you’re working on, a way to make your construction easier and simpler. But we understand that this might be a confusing concept for many that are first encountering steel fabrications, so we’re here today to offer you an explanation. 

What is steel fabrication?

Fundamentally, steel fabrication is a process that transforms the raw steel that we receive into a bespoke product that will be used in construction or assembly. This alloy is a fundamental part of construction because of its strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. Fabrication is just one way to cast your steel into a specific shape, but it is one that has become increasingly popular in the past few decades. 

The basic techniques that are used with our steel fabrication includes cutting, burning forming, machining and welding to create the perfect shape needed for your project. There is often little room for error during this process, which is why relying on a company with a reputation for exceptional workmanship, like us at Barzel steel, is always a great option. 

Why choose steel fabrication as your building’s structure?

  • It keeps your project working to time

One of the real benefits that you have working with us at Barzel Steel is that all of our work is done bespoke to our customers’ needs. While at first thought, this might seem unnecessary, it can actually make all the difference because it means that when our steel fabrications arrive at your site, they are made perfectly for your space. There’s no need to wield or just the steel yourself, which can take up a lot of time on site. Instead, you’ll be able to move ahead with the installation process, keeping your project running smoothly, on time and on budget: the aim of any construction company.

  • It can be as complex as you like

One of the joys of modern architecture is that they can experiment with new shapes and styles of building, in new and ambitious ways that never would have been attempted in the past. But this poses a concern about how to keep the building solid and stable, not about to fall down. This is where steel fabrication can really make all the difference because it can be made in a wide range of designs, as complex as you need it to be, to suit whatever project you’re working on. With the help of steel fabrication for your building, the sky is, quite literally, the limit.

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